Our unbiased approach is essential in helping to determine our clients needs. Our company prides itself on utilizing a data-based approach which focuses on usage analysis, production expectations, savings models, and more to find our customers the best options available for their specific business.


We become our clients’ buying agent to ensure they never need to worry about unfair deals or being taken advantage of by vendors. With our years of experience and dedication to thoroughly vetting vendors, our clients feel protected knowing that they can rely on us to act in their best interest.


We do the work for you.  The solicitation and negotiation process for renewable energy transactions can take hundreds of hours of time. We take on and manage the process so our clients can concentrate on running their business.

ACIP ENERGY - The most experienced in the industry

We've helped clients large and small since 2006 .

Since 2006 our team has been dedicated to behind the meter renewable energy projects.  We have more experience than anyone in our field. 


Our family roots run deep in Agriculture. We know our customers and what they deal with on a daily basis. 


We know what it’s like running a commercial business and the challenges our clients face.


Complicated projects sites and challenges define the industrial segment. We have the expertise to make the process simple.

Public Sector & Non-Profits

Some of our earliest projects were in the public sector. We have experience with Education, Water Districts, Local Government, Churches and other similar entities. We know the process and how to work with the public.

California Based

ACIP is based in the heart Northern California’s central valley and does not outsource to overseas companies. This means your service is here and local, which puts us on the same time frame as you. We are able to work with you face to face and pride ourselves on great customer service.


The renewable energy market is difficult to understand and can be quite confusing. Knowing what to look for and tracking trends are more of an art form than people think. ACIP’s team has been in the renewable energy market for 14 years and has the experience needed to deliver results to take care of you.

"Geweke could not have asked for a better experience with ACIP. David guided us through the process, kept us on track and gave us the necessary education to make the best decisions for our business. ACIP’s time in the solar industry and working with commercial projects provided the knowledge and industry expertise you would want when making the best decisions for your business in going solar. We had a very positive experience and would recommend ACIP to any business considering solar."
- Larry Geweke, Gwewke Auto Group


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