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Honcut Creek Ranch

The Honcut Creek Ranch is a beautiful piece of property located in Northern California.  Known as one of California’s best locations for local waterfowl to call home, the Honcut also delivers year round residency to wildlife such as deer and  birds of prey.  The Honcut farms thousands of acres of rice each year which double as foraging ground for migratory waterfowl. Their system will provide enough energy to offset all of their water pumping needs.

Saddleback Ranch

The Saddleback Ranch is a privately owned ranch concentrating on premium rice growing and livestock ranching.  Located at the base of the Sierra Foothills, the Saddleback is well known for providing habitat for both migrating waterfowl and multiple species wildlife that call it home year round.  Their fixed ground mount system will provide enough energy to offset all of the meter on the ranch.


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Golden Valley Orchards

Golden Valley Orchards is a 2300 acre ranch located just north of Sacramento.  Golden Valley specializes in growing high quality walnuts and almonds with an array of different verieties.  Golden Valley utilizes both surface and well water to irrigate their trees and the system will offset all of their needs during normal precipitation years.

Geweke Auto Group

Geweke Auto Group (GAG) is a third generation, family-owned & operated, automotive company that has been in the automotive business since 1966. Geweke began in Lodi with Geweke Ford. In 1986 they had the opportunity to purchase the Ford dealership in Marysville, CA. The family moved up to the Yuba-Sutter Community and renamed the dealership Larry Geweke Ford. In 1996 Larry Geweke Ford moved across the bridge to its current location on Highway 99 in Yuba City.


Wheeler Auto

Founded by David Wheeler in 1960, Wheeler Auto is now a third generation family-owned and operated auto dealership in Yuba City. After serving in World War II, Mr. Wheeler began his career in the auto industry and had the opportunity to open his own dealership. He choose to set up shop in Yuba City where the Wheeler Family continue to serve customers at their Colusa Ave. location.

Fruetel Farms

Fruetel Farms is a multi-generation, family-owned farming company located near the town of Nicolas, California. They primarily farm rice, and have multiple large agriculture wells to provide the bulk of their water. They currently farm around 1000 acres.


Live Oak Hunting Club

Live Oak Hunting Club is one of the premier hunting clubs in California where members have access to quality duck, dove, pheasant and deer hunting in the rice fields of the Butte Sink.. The club also has housing, a clubhouse, and other activities such as a rifle range and trap shooting.


Feather Water District

Feather Water District (FWD) is a California water district located in Sutter County. The District serves several farms with agricultural water and primarily operates in the South end of the County.


Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church is an Evangelical Free Church in Yuba City which is open to all and dedicated to developing faith in the Yuba-Sutter Community and beyond. They offer a variety of programs including both in person and virtual services.

The Fellowship of Friends

Fellowship of Friends is a religious organization with many members residing in their Apollo Compound in Oregon House California.

Modesto Properties

Modesto Properties is a duck club in Central California 


Trinut Farms 

 Trinut Farms is a large scale producer of almonds, pistachios, and pecans in California

Past Projects

  • Bidart Dairy
  • Cagliero Farms
  • Central Union SD
  • City of Atwater
  • City of Orland
  • City of Parlier
  • City of Sacramento
  • City of Taft
  • Colusa County
  • County of Glenn
  • Clovis Comm College
  • Cortina Hulling
  • Craven Farms
  • Dan Habib Farms
  • DM Camp & Sons
  • Dan Hardy Farms
  • Echeverria Dairy
  • EOS Winery
  • Foothill Warehouse
  • Frantz Farms
  • Fresno City College
  • GF Orchards
  • Goyenetche Dairy
  • Grimmway Farms
  • HM Clause
  • J Lohr Wines
  • JBT Corporation
  • Kirchenman Cold Storage
  • Kleen Kanteen
  • Lakeview Dairy
  • Lemore Union ESD
  • Machado Farms
  • Madera Community College
  •  Maple Dairy
  • Muroc USD
  •  Newhouse Dairy
  • OMC
  • Pioneer Union ESD
  • Reedley College
  • Renati Dairy
  • Richmar Farms
  • Saddleback Ranch
  • South San Joaquin ID
  • Supreme Almond
  • Sutter Basin Growers
  • Sycamore Mutual WD
  • T&P Farms
  • T&W Farms
  • Unicold
  • United Laundry
  • Valley Baptist Church
  • Verdegal Brothers
  • Verhouven Dairy
  • Visser Farms
  • Warmerdam Packing
  • Wasco Real Properties
  • West Star North Dairy
  • Western Almond
  • Western Sky Dairy
  • Westwind Dairy CC

The above project list are completed projects that were developed and sold solely or partially by our founder while working for other companies. These projects make up multiple millions worth of successful projects over the past 15 years.