Owner’s Rep Services for Renewable Energy

Are you looking into renewable energy but don't know where to start? Have you gotten quotes in the past but are confused? Are you unsure whether vendors are giving you a fair price? If any of these are true then give us a call. ACIP ENERGY saves customers from the hassle by guiding and assisting you through every step of the process. Our consultations are free and our comprehensive process ensures that you will get the right system and the best price (technologies include: Solar, Wind, Battery storage, and Bio Energy).


ACIP will assess your facility’s energy usage and help you to determine whether installing renewable energy makes sense for you. We will then work with you to determine the best location on your property that has the necessary physical characteristics to support a system, and analyze your utility interconnection points. We will analyze and explain the findings to you, and help you to determine whether you are ready to move on to the next stage.

RFP Development

ACIP will develop a customized Request for proposal (RFP) document that will include all of the pertinent information that vendors will need in order to respond with accurate and aggressive pricing. We will go over the RFP with you prior to the solicitation process to make sure that anything additional you may want in the RFP is Included.

Solicitation Process

After working with you to select the vendor participation list, we will send the approved RFP to the vendors and host a job walk at the property. We will give the selected vendors a submittal deadline and ensure they hit that deadline. We will act as your representative and manage the entire process for you. This competitive process ensures vendors give aggressive pricing which saves you time and money.

Selection Process

Once we receive all the responses we will review them and create a spreadsheet that breaks down the proposals and compares them in equivalent terms. We then meet with you and go over each and every proposal. From there, we shortlist the respondents to a smaller list of the best options and schedule oral interviews. Based on the oral interviews and proposals, you make your final choice on a provider.

Vendor Negotiation Support

Once the vendor has been selected we will help you with the contract review and comments. we will help you with additions that should be made to ensure your project runs smoothly and guarantee the vendor’s warranty obligations are clear and concrete. We take these extra steps to ensure that you are completely protected long term.

Implementation Stage

Once the contracts are settled between you and the provider, the construction process starts and we ensure that everything progresses appropriately. We act as your liaison with scheduling meetings, transferring paperwork, and all the tasks that can make projects cumbersome on an owner. Our “observe and report” process makes sure you are always informed. We take the burden of these time consuming activities off of you, so you can focus on running your operation.

Project Completion

Once the construction is completely finished and the project is ready to be turned over, we will review the energy production and other items to ensure the system is producing properly before you make any final payments. We will confirm that there are no outstanding obligations that need to be meet by the vendor, and then once everything is verified and completed, we give you our sign-off on the project.

3 Month Follow Up

After everything is completed, we come to the site and do a routine check. we make sure the utility has all the bills and tariffs correct so that you are not being overcharged. We make sure the performance of the system is on pace with where it is supposed to be and address any other needs you may have.